Time to SOAR! Team 2009, poised to take on the 26.2 Mile Surf City Marathon!


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"Coach, I don't know if I can make it."  She said it plainly as her eyes welled with tears.

It was Mile 22, and 16 year old Priscilla had just "hit the wall", a term used by long distance runners to describe a complete and utter meltdown of mind, body, and spirit.  As I assessed her condition, trying to find words of encouragement, I reflected on the day's events. Priscilla was having a tough day.  Blistered by Mile 6 and  bandaged by Mile 10, Priscilla had become dehydrated and  listless by Mile 19, and now at 22,  more than 6 hours into the race, she stood at the edge of the abyss, dangerously close to heat exhaustion.

"Listen kid, I believe in you.  This is just another race, and you and I are going to finish this one together. We're almost home. You own this thing. Don't let it beat you." 

She hung her head for a moment, then met my gaze and managed a smile. And in that moment, I knew that she had dug deep, and found the strength and  inner courage to achieve the impossible.

Priscilla Hernandez finished the LA Marathon on Sunday in 7 hours 22 minutes and 5 seconds, forever changed, and you, my friends, were with us every step of the way. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Of the 25,000 or so official registrants, just over 17,000 would complete the full 26.2 . The winner would cross the line in just under 2 hours 14 minutes, receive a check for $100,000 dollars, and drive home in a new car.

 As for me, I'll keep my 7:22, the memories of one kid's courage, and a smile shared at 22. 


Yours for the long run,

Coach Sarkissian

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